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The Architecture

circa-1925The 1925 Sixth Avenue Community Church meets the requirements for the National Register as an excellent example of Mission-style architecture as applied to an ecclesiastical building. The prominent hipped roof square tower with iron balconies, curvilinear shaped parapets, and rounded arched windows are the most character defining features of the style found on the church. Other features of the style include a gabled roof, terra cotta decorative elements, and overhanging eaves with decoratively cut exposed rafters. The church is the work of distinguished Colorado architect William Norman Bowman whose work includes over 35 known buildings in the state.

The 1893 World’s Colombian Exposition in Chicago debuted the Mission style architecture with the “California Building” serving as an example. During the first quarter of the twentieth century, the trend spread to areas east of California. Typical elements of the style include round arched windows and entries, gables with heavy shaped and curved parapets, decorative ironwork, and minimal ornamentation. The Sixth Avenue Community Church building displays these features along with a hipped roof square tower, gabled roof, and terra cotta accents. In California where this architectural style thrived in the 1920s, stucco was the primary expression for the exterior walls; however, the environment and materials most readily available in Colorado made brick preferable for the main construction. In mass and general informal appearance, the church integrates easily with the residences of the surrounding community, which are almost exclusively one or two story brick homes. Sixth Avenue Community Church, nestled fittingly in its neighborhood community, therefore strongly represents a style that is true to the Mission architectural movement and its local environment.

With very few exterior alterations, the building retains a high degree of integrity with regard to the materials, workmanship, design, location, setting, feeling, and association.

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